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The process

After a deep benchmark analysis and a series of concepts, we selected the right attitude of the product. We worked side by side with a team of engineers to develop all design features following hardware constraints. The result was an MVP product for investors and for a crowdfunding campaign.



Aio Srl



Research & Benchmarking


3D Modeling + Renderings



The project

Thanks to a powerful chip, Mobility analyses the battery status and turns on automatically when your smartphone is almost out of battery. The innovative magnetic technology allows the smartphone to charge itself quickly and wirelessly with no need to remove anything. Thanks to the smart cover, Mobility will recharge once the smartphone will be fully charged. The Powerbank can easily attach to the smart cover thanks to a set of magnets. Performances are improved by 60% and the batteries combined can last up to 3 days.

Aio Mobility powerbank

The challenge

Design a lightweight and thin backup battery to be positioned on the back of the smartphone. A mass-market product, easy to use and wireless, able to guarantee the best experience of interaction.

Ancora AIO
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