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The process

We started by fully understanding the earthquake: causes, problems, history, cases, reaction methods, with a huge effort on users. This one in particular has been fundamental for the definition of constraints, product functions, and scenarios. After that, the ideation phase started: sketches, inspiration, CMF, details... all the physical, and tangible elements that shape up the project. It was essential to develop 1:1 scale models of both internal, and external elements. In this way, we have been able to precisely understand the size of the components, the usability by the user, and all the necessary interactions and assembly constraints.

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User Research


Styles Research


3D modeling 



The project

Eary is an ecosystem: a product/service created to be installed inside homes, consisting of 3 different elements with specifics roles and tasks. The system was designed to be able to collect output from one (or more) security cameras, passing then the data to the cloud through the reference Hub, and finally, communicate to the user any form of reporting or notification via App.


Eary - Home Security System

The challenge

Design a home security system that helps users in the event of a quake, paying close attention on the micro-localization of people and rescue.

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