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The process

We started focusing our research on two main aspects: interaction and shape. While we wanted to develop a useful joint for the interaction, the shape of the stand needed to be iconic and adaptable to today's lifestyle. We created some key points of this project to better define the phase of ideation. Afterward, a series of sketches and prototypes gave us the right inspiration to develop the final design.



Samsung's contest


Styles Research


3D modeling 


The project

An organic and light geometry inspired by elk horns. Aluminum alloy guarantee solidity, while a rubberized polycarbonate base creates a grip to avoid the risk to slide or scratch. A double joint allows to turn the TV up to 30° left or right and to tilt the screen for a better experience according to the high of the base where the TV is positioned.

Samsung Elk tv stand

The challenge

Design an innovative TV Stand for the Samsung new QLED TV. A special bracket on the back of the TV allows a variety of interchangeable stands to be attached. Lifestyle design, functionality, and visual appeal were key aspects of this challenge.

Ancora ELK
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