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The process

We started analyzing all the manufacturing processes of the client to develop a project based on their strengths. Along with the manufacturing requirements, we wanted to explore the act of waiting and the feelings around it. A phase of ideation and sketching was followed by the engineering of all components and cost estimation.





Research & Benchmarking


3D Modeling + Renderings



The project

Fuji is a piece of furniture created by combining various aspects related to the contract market and specifically focused on the environment of fashion stores. The act of waiting in this context we believe is closely linked to the desire of being embraced and pampered. Taking this as the starting point of our design, we aimed at making Fuji an iconic, classic and light (but strong) furniture statement.

Fuji lounge seating

The challenge

The brief comes from a company that wanted to explore a new and different market opportunity starting from the topic of "the waiting" in contract market HO.RE.CA B2B. In addition to this, the company wanted to enhance its own technical and engineering skills which are metal artifacts with particular focus on the processing of metal sheet finishes on metal surface and customization.

Ancora 1
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