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The process

The first step was to translate all the features of this brand into something visual. An intermediary phase based on the development of colors, shapes, and moods to align visual aspects with conceptual thoughts. Last but not least, the refinement of the logo, colors, fonts and all the features of a brand identity.



Hearth SRL




Giulia Bardelli


The project

We designed a logo which is the simplification of the three main concepts of the brand. The font is simple, easy to understand on every digital platform and young. The colors remind of a brazier, the perfect combination to explain the meaning of this brand.​

Heart, experiential tourism in Italy

The challenge

Our challenge with Hearth was to design a brand identity able to describe the meaning of this company. An Italian startup created to promote traditions and culture. Hearth is a platform designed for the enhancement of cultural heritage. An identity based on the combination of three keywords: hearth, earth, and hearth.

Ancora hearth
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