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The process

A human-centered design process that started with a long study on behaviors related to the experience of drinking. Ergonomic studies followed by trends analysis able to highlight the key features of this bottle. A long phase of sketches, co-design session, and quick prototypes brought us to the engineering phase. We worked side by side with engineers to create the final design ready for production. High-quality renderings, prototypes and brand new identity were the last steps for the Kickstarter campaign.





Research & Benchmarking


3D Modeling + Renderings



Giulia Bardelli (Brand identity)


The project

MALKO bottle is designed to offer a memorable drink experience, combining all the features you will ever need, in just one bottle. It keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. Thanks to a plastic rim, the feeling on your lips is like drinking from a glass without that annoying cold feeling you can get from most other steel products. The solution is also very hygienic, as whenever the bottle is not in use, the rim is always protected by the lid.​

Malko bottle

The challenge

Design an eco-friendly water bottle for everyday use. A bottle ready to be brought at work, by bike or to the gym. Hygienic, leak-proof, taste and odor-free and a detail-oriented approach using high-quality materials

Ancora malko
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