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The process

We started understanding the key aspects and values of the startup, focusing on its features. We passed then to imagine how to represent these functions into something visible, simple and recognizable. Colors and fonts helped then into the process of creating an entire graphic guideline.







The project

It works as a smart service that helps you find your lost keys thanks to a keychain and web platform. The keychain comes with a QR Code and a numerical code. In case keys go lost, the finder, by scanning the QR Code, is sent to the OP! website page where will be asked to insert the numerical code. At this point, the finder will be sent to a web page displaying the contact information of the owner. Finally, the finder and the owner can arrange a meeting to return the keys.

Op!, find your objects

The challenge

We aimed to create a brand identity and different graphic guidelines for OP! Lost & Found, a startup created in Copenhagen Business School by 2 Italian entrepreneurs. The challenge has been to unify the name of this company into his function.

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